At 705 Roofing, we take pride in being one of the most trusted Wasaga Beach roofing repair companies and the surrounding areas. With our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we specialize in delivering top-notch roofing repair services to homeowners and businesses in Wasaga Beach. When it comes to the maintenance and repair of your roof, you can rely on our expertise and professionalism.


At 705 Roofing, we specialize in providing a wide range of comprehensive roofing services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we are dedicated to transforming your roof into a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting structure.

  • Thorough examination. Our inspectors, well-versed in roofing repair companies in Wasaga Beach ON, will perform a detailed examination of your roof, inspecting each component meticulously. This includes checking for missing or damaged shingles, signs of water infiltration, cracks, leaks, and any other potential issues that may compromise the integrity of your roof.
  • As we conduct the inspection, we meticulously document our findings, taking photographs and notes to provide a comprehensive report of the roof’s condition. This documentation, unique toWasaga Beach roofing repair companies, will serve as a reference for further discussions and recommendations.
  • Detailed analysis. After completing the inspection, our team will carefully analyze the collected data and assess the overall health of your roof. We, as one of the trusted Wasaga Beach roofing repair companies, will identify any areas that require immediate attention and provide recommendations for preventive measures or repairs to maintain the longevity and performance of your roof.
  • Transparent communication. Throughout the inspection process, we prioritize open and transparent communication, distinguishing us from other roofing repair companies in Wasaga Beach ON. We ensure that you are well-informed about the condition of your roof, addressing any questions or concerns you may have and guiding you through the entire process with clarity and professionalism.


  • Setting Industry standards for home protection. We as one of the leading prioritize the protection of your home. Our roofing services are designed to provide reliable and durable solutions, ensuring that your property remains safe and secure from the elements.
  • Delivering unmatched peace of mind. When you choose 705 Roofing, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roofing project is in capable hands. We as one of the leading Wasaga Beach roofing repair companies are committed to delivering exceptional results and exceeding your expectations.
  • Skilled craftsmanship by certified installers. Our team consists of certified and experienced installers who have undergone rigorous training. You can trust their expertise and professionalism to deliver outstanding craftsmanship and a job well done.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage. We are fully insured, giving you added confidence and protection in the rare event of any unforeseen incidents during the roofing process.
  • Reliable warranty protection. We stand behind our work and offer warranties on our services. This warranty provides you with assurance and protection, ensuring that any issues that may arise are promptly addressed.

Contact us today for a consultation and experience the difference of working with a reputable roofing contractor.